Slider Girl - Food Truck Annapolis


We love to do events:  Weddings, Graduations, Office Parties, Corporate Events ...

A few things to remember:

-- We have a minimum of 75 plates (or $750) for any event.  Other than non-profits, we charge 6% Maryland tax on this amount.

-- We have a setup charge.  In Anne Arundel County, this is normally $200 but it will be higher in neighboring counties (includes permitting).

-- A food truck is not a caterer in that all of our food is prepared and served hot and fresh.  It is not realistic to expect us to serve 75 meals within 10 or 20 minutes (such as a caterer might do).  Our model works great for most parties, open houses and events.  For events like wedding receptions, you can't expect everybody to be served simultaneously.

--  If you are interested in having SliderGirl at your event, please email me at or call me at 410-279-2825.


Thank you! 

Shelley Hupp